It's the autumn of 1880 and there is no place more dangerous than the Tug Fork

Valley separating Kentucky and West Virginia. The Civil War may have ended, but a grudge lasts a lifetime and blood loyalty runs deeper than the valley itself.

Roseanna McCoy meets Johnse Hatfield and together they turn their worlds upside down as their passion for each other sparks another war that forces everyone involved to question and redefine what loyalty means.

Music and Lyrics by Caleb Damschroder
Gordon Gets Down

Gordon the goat is excited to learn the traditional line dance for Sunny Creek Farm's annual Martha Gruffington Day celebration. Only problem is, he has four left hooves. Gordon must figure out how to adapt, or he risks being humiliated in front of the whole farm.

Music, Lyrics & Orchestrations by Caleb Damschroder
Music and Lyrics by Caleb Damschroder
Molly Sweeney

Blind since early childhood, Molly Sweeney is happy and independent, living a life of contentment in a world of her own creation. Now her new husband, Frank, a restless soul seeking to save those in need, wants to save Molly by restoring her sight and enlists the aid of a once-great surgeon battling his own demons. When the bandages are removed, they discover that success is in the eye of the beholder and learning to see comes with unexpected consequences

Molly Sweeney BST_edited.jpg

Molly Sweeney headlined the 4th Annual  New Works Festival at the

Bay Street Theatre starring Mamie Parris and directed by Scott Schwartz.

The Commuters: Or A Cautionary Tale About The Port Authority

After unexpectedly getting canned, Ernie, a high powered MTA executive, finds himself trapped in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  He uncovers strange things and encounters even stranger people while he finds that he must pay for his heinous commuter crimes just the same as everyone else.  Ernie quickly discovers why they warn, "Avoid the Port Authority after midnight!"

Music by Caleb Damschroder